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secretrabustory's Journal

Secret Love Stories
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Kishidan Fanfiction
氣志團 Fanfiction

Welcome to secretrabustory!

- All fanfiction posted in this community must include/revolve around Kishidan or their related acts. {DJ OZMA, Yajima Biyoushitsu, Binetsu Danji etc.}
- All fics must be posted under an lj-cut.
- When posting an entry, make sure your link is not friend-locked!
- Show some respect when posting. No flames. You will be banned after the first warning.
- This is an English-based community. All posts must be in English (You may post in a different language as long as it is translated into English.).

- Ads are fine as long as they are related to Kishidan or their related acts.

When posting your fic, please include the following form:

CTRL + A to select all
CTRL + C to copy
CTRL + V to paste in HTML mode

...and then, er, the story.

Optional, but if you can, tag your entries. That way, everyone will have better navigation.

When tagging, use:
- pairing (ie. pairing: ShowxHikaru, pairing: KingxMC KOREA, etc.)
- rating (ie. rated: pg, rated: R, etc.)
- type of fic (ie. fic: one-shot, fic: multi-chapter, etc.)

If you have any questions, ask them at this post and we'll answer them as soon as we can.

Now, let's rock and roll!

Your friendly mods, toxic_chocolate and love_dokkyun!